If you’re intending to become a speaker at an influencer event, every conference has its own set of submission dates and requirements. Kristen Howerton of Rage Against the Minivan provides two quick tips on how to plan for the submission and pitch your ideas so you have a better chance of landing a speaking spot at a creative conference like Mom 2.0, Blog Her, and Alt Summit.


Submissions dates can sneak up on you and openings won’t last forever. To easily stay up-to-date on when your favorite influencer conferences are seeking speakers, join the conference’s Facebook page or other social media platforms and subscribe to their newsletter. This takes the hassle and anticipation of watching the website for updates and keeps you in-the-know about conference updates.


When it’s time to submit your application to become a speaker at a creative conference, it’s important to have an extremely clear pitch. Use your application to discuss the material you will present on, why you’re the one person who should speak on it, and to¬†help organizers understand what conference attendees will gather from your talk. The organizers will be looking for three main topics in your application: information, practical advice, and inspiration.