Pinterest can be a fantastic source of new visitors to your blog. With over 77 million users in the US alone, it’s an incredible venue to feature your content and then have that content shared widely. But for most of us, going “viral” on Pinterest isn’t as simple as pinning a photo. There are specific strategies that can encourage people to pin and share your content on Pinterest, which means new eyeballs and traffic to your blog.

Invest in a better camera

Pinterest is a visual medium and it’s just a fact: better photos do better on Pinterest. While your iPhone 6 might be great for catching photos on the fly, if you really want photos with a wow-factor, you might consider using a DSLR. It takes more time but the investment may pay in more shares.

Brush up on your photography skills

You want to be taking photos that really pop. Even though photography may not really your “thing,” if you want your content noticed on visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, you have to consider photography a skill of the trade. People are shifting to visual mediums and it’s wise to adjust your skill set to reflect what people are looking at online.

Take photos people want to share

Bottom line: pretty photos are shared. Whether it be pretty photos of food, or fashion, or home design, people often share for the aesthetics more than the content. Even if your blog post is not hinging around visual content, you can still find ways to incorporate shareable photos, whether it be kids or nature or glimpses of life.

Add the URL of your blog to the image

While Pinterest can be a great spot for finding a new audience, it’s also rife with people pilfering the images of others and not giving credit. So make sure your URL goes with the photo by superimposing it someone where it can be seen without being too distracting.

Add descriptive text to the image

If your content is informational, add a descriptive text to draw readers in. Try using clicky titles that generate curiosity and make people want to click through. Use a font that is clear and large enough to be read in the size of a Pinterest image. Take photos with negative space to leave room to superimpose text.

Make it easy for people to pin from your site

Have a “pin it” button on all of your photos so that people can click or share. Consider adding a pin button to your email campaigns as well.

Write a descriptive caption in “Alt Text” that will follow your pin

Few people take the time to write captions when they pin something and the result is that the “Alt Text” embedded with your photo becomes the caption. Take the time with every post to fill out the “Alt Text” option with a caption that will encourage people to click through

Recycle your older pins

Pinterest is ephemeral, and there is no shame in repinning images you haven’t shared in a while. When you have a pin that has done well in the past, push it up to the top every couple of months to have it seen by more people.