How to build your Instagram platform

There’s no better tip for growing your instagram following than creating good content. You need to figure out what it is that you have to offer, and then do that well. Most people on instagram are looking for accounts that inspire, that they relate to, that offer resources, or that entertain. You need to figure out which you do well. Do you tell funny stories? Do you have a unique product? Do you post inspirational photos? Decide what it is that you uniquely have to offer and work hard on honing that message. There are lots of gimmicks to try to grow a following, but nothing beats working on posting quality content.

If you aren’t yet using stories, it’s a great way to build engagement. Stories can be more casual and off-the-cuff, and are a great way to show little scenes of your life or business. Not everyone uses them, so the chance of your post being seen via instagram’s algorithm is even higher.

Use the highlights features on stories

Instagram now allows you to archive and sort your stories which can then appear on your profile. It’s a great way to show new visitors who you are, and to categorize your stories based on the interest of people who might visit your page.

Post content that encourages reposting

Having people repost your content is a great way to find a new audience, so think about posting images that will inspire others to repost to their own account, and consider how to credit yourself when this happens. Many people use a watermark or logo on their images to retain credit when things are reposted.

Brush up on your photography skills

At the end of the day, instagram is a visual medium. It doesn’t matter how clever your captions are . . . your photos need to be good, too. If photography isn’t your strong suit, look for e-courses to help improve your skills. No one wants to look at blurry or grainy photos on instagram. Make sure lighting is good, upgrade your phone if possible so that it has a hi-res camera, and edit your photos to make them pop.

Comment on photos on similar accounts

Make a list of accounts that you believe have a similar following to your own. Do you write about parenting? Comment on larger parenting accounts. Do you run a crafting business? Leave comments on other crafting accounts. Make them organic and friendly. It’s a great way to attract the attention of followers in a similar demographic.

Geotag your local posts to attract other local followers

People often enjoy thumbing through the stories or posts of others in their own area, so make sure to geotag your posts. This is especially important for local businesses or hyper-local bloggers. Let the people in your area find you naturally through geotags.