How Our Community Works

Bloomly is a network of bloggers and influencers that is exclusive to premium content creators in the lifestyle category.

Do What You Do Best, We Handle The Rest

Bloomly provides fully-managed ads for your website or blog. We partner with you and bring you into our community of bloggers and influencers where you can grow your audience.

We help you leverage technology designed to help you ensure that all visitors get a better experience and are never harmed by your advertising or promotions.

Our network gives you the resources to monetize and grow your audience in a way that is extremely difficult on your own.

Why An Application?

The strength of our network comes from our quality. We pride ourselves on providing our bloggers with a dynamic and personalized service.

We build relationships with premium advertisers and help align everyone together. This means that our members all receive an exclusive level of support.

This means that we have to review all bloggers interested in joining the network to ensure they fit with others in our network.

Our Network Requirements

Must Be Original

Bloomly only works with bloggers or content creators that develop their own content.

100% of Inventory

To ensure the best experience, and the highest possible ad rates, Bloomly must manage 100% of your ad inventory.

+30k Pageviews/Month

Your site must receive at least 30,000 pageviews per month.

One of Us

We primarily work with lifestyle blogs (food, DIY, style, health, beauty, travel, etc.)

Google Policy Compliant

We’re a Google partner and require sites to comply with all Google policy guidelines.

Committed to Success

We ask that all community members stay engaged with each other and our team to ensure success.

A Google Certified Publishing Partner

Bloomly is a Google Certified Publishing Partner which means our experts are trained experts on AdSense, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and DoubleClick for Publishers — so they can help you achieve your goals using Google products.

Partners also have a direct line to Google to help advocate on your behalf. Often independent website owners, bloggers, and website owners feel like they have no voice with Google. Because of our relationship with Google, we are your advocates.

Bloomly is a community fostered by the parent company, Ezoic.

google certified partner for bloggers