Earning a spot as a speaker at an influencer conference is no easy task. Conferences receive tens of hundreds of applications from content creators who all believe they have something special to bring to the table. Kristen Howerton, the blogger behind Rage Against the Minivan, has successfully landed speaking engagements at such events and has some tips to help you snag a talking time at an online influencer conference.


One of the most important steps to get your foot in the door is to effectively pitch yourself. This includes researching the conference to discover who is in charge, when the submission window begins and ends, and successfully pitching your ideas.


A great start for any influencer interested in hosting a talk is to attend the conferences at which you would be interested in speaking. Becoming comfortable with the event space, learning about the event in-person, and engaging with important figures and other influencers at the conference will both prepare you to pitch yourself and speak there. Attending the conference will also give you key insight into what you want to do there and what value you can add.


Grouping up with other bloggers can add diversity to a talk and can make you more appealing to a conference. Find a group of three or four bloggers that you admire and see if they want to collaborate on a talk or panel. It can be a great way to get started speaking at conferences and you may eventually become notable enough to go solo.


Some conference attendees go to talks and events all of the time, so it is important to pitch a topic that is unique. If you’re pitching something very generic or over-discussed, you’re less likely to grab conference organizers’ and your audience’s attention.


Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself. A great way to get a speaking gig at a conference is to promote yourself as an expert. People will trust you and your information more if you have experience in the topic and then show it off.


Lastly, a lot of influencer conferences don’t pay. There are many rewards for speaking at a conference other than just money, but in the beginning, you may need to prepare to pay your own way and present for free.