Five hacks to get your posts seen without paying to boost

Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm often makes it difficult for influencers to have their posts appear on more than a fraction of their followers’ news feeds. At the end of the day, Facebook is encouraging influencers to pay for post boosts to ensure the post is seen. However, there are a few hacks that can help keep your posts served to more of your audience without paying to play.

1. Use Facebook natively 

Content that originated on Instagram, Hootsuite, or other third-party sites does not fair as well as posts generated natively in Facebook. Also, use a post scheduler sparingly. Facebook still wants to see that you are a regular and active user, not just pumping out scheduled posts.

2. Ask questions that create engagement 

People love to share their own experiences and give advice. More comments mean more eyeballs on your content, so pose questions that spark conversation in the comments, as well as between your own followers.

3. Post a variety of content at different times each day 

Post photos. Post links. Post text. Make sure you are mixing it up, because different followers respond to different mediums. Also, many influencers have noted that the algorithm tends to reward a variety of content.

4. Make sure you aren’t just linking to your own blog 

Try to be intentional about linking to a site other than your own platform for every time you link to your own. Facebook wants to show the content of as many different sources as possible, and the algorithm actively tries to make sure people aren’t seeing multiple posts from the same site in a row. Find interesting content from others to highlight.

5. Respond to every single comment, and ask questions within the comments as well.

Facebook rewards posts with a lot of activity, and you can help that along by being a part of the engagement.