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Kristen Stones

Kristen is a popular personal finance blogger known for debt reduction and thrifty spending tips. She runs the blog LifeofStones.com and also has a growing YouTube channel.

Srividhya Gopalakrishnan

Sri is an emerging cooking recipe blogger that focuses on vegetarian cuisine. She is known for her modern approach and experimental practice of cooking, baking, and food preparation.

Rachel Joy

Rachel is a popular DIY and home decor blogger and influencer. Along with her husband, Chris, they run the successful home decor DIY blog, JoyfulDerivatives.com.

Lauren McElwain

Lauren is a popular writer, blogger, and influencer. She is known for her food and recipe blogs. Her style is fun, light-hearted, and typically accompanied by bright imagery.

Jackie Bruchez

Jackie is a popular baking and food recipe blogger. She is well known for her superb photography and unique baking ideas.

Scarlett Bendixen

Scarlett is a popular food and recipe blogger. She lives in a self-described “old fashion household” and is married with two children. Follow along with her cooking and recipes; as her family is always on the go.

Steph Gaudreau

Steph is an inspiring healthy lifestyle blogger and influencer that started out as a Paleo diet proponent. She has since evolved into someone espousing a much broader idea of health. See her featured content below.

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