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Rachel Joy

Rachel is a popular DIY and home decor blogger and influencer. Along with her husband, Chris, they run the successful home decor DIY blog, JoyfulDerivatives.com.

Lauren McElwain

Lauren is a popular writer, blogger, and influencer. She is known for her food and recipe blogs. Her style is fun, light-hearted, and typically accompanied by bright imagery.

Jackie Bruchez

Jackie is a popular baking and food recipe blogger. She is well known for her superb photography and unique baking ideas.

Scarlett Bendixen

Scarlett is a popular food and recipe blogger. She lives in a self-described “old fashion household” and is married with two children. Follow along with her cooking and recipes; as her family is always on the go.

Steph Gaudreau

Steph is an inspiring healthy lifestyle blogger and influencer that started out as a Paleo diet proponent. She has since evolved into someone espousing a much broader idea of health. See her featured content below.

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