Bloomly FAQ & Help

General Information

What is Bloomly and what do you do?

Bloomly is a community for bloggers, by bloggers. We provide full-service ad management for your website or blog and work with you to help create and execute a personally-tailored ad management strategy.

Beyond ads, we are a true network of bloggers that work together to present you with opportunities to work directly with brands. Brands will appear in your Bloomly dashboard with opportunities to do sponsored content and more.

Our bloggers will often be presented with guest posting opportunities as well. This means bloggers can create posts that other bloggers may choose to be paid to post on their blog. So, as a blogger, you can either syndicate posts for free or be paid to publish guest posts. Win/win.

Lastly, we have a vast social reach on popular platforms like Instagram. Our network reaches hundreds of millions of followers. We often feature our members across many of these accounts to help them grow their following on all platforms.

What makes Bloomly different than an ad network?


Well for starters, Bloomly isn’t an ad network, but what really sets us apart is technology that we use. We are the only ad management provider that leverages artificial intelligence to improve reader experiences by serving a custom ad experience based on previous readers responses to different ad placements. This ensures that the ads on your page are never negatively impacting your readers visit; while also increasing overall ad earnings.

With Bloomly, you can make more money with less ads.

What’s more, we are a full-scale community (see answer above). We do much more than manage ads.

Who is eligible to use Bloomly?
Our services are for bloggers that create original content and have at least 30,000 page views each month. As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, we require all websites to comply with all Google ad policy guidelines.

We also require 100% of your ad inventory — this means that Bloomly becomes your exclusive provider.

How does our Google Certified Publishing Partnership benefit our bloggers?
As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, you can rest assured that our services, policies, and business practices are up to Google’s standard. Bloggers can benefit from perks like invitations to exclusive publishing events at Google offices and access to Google’s premium ad network, Google Ad Exchange (Google AdX).
Why should bloggers care about reader experiences?
Optimizing your blog for reader experiences benefits more than just your visitors. By doing so, not only will you ensure long-term audience retention, but you’ll be able to see improvements in ad revenue and search ranking.

The more pages your readers visit, the more value your ad space and each visit become. This means that RPMs are far less important than total session revenue.

That’s why Bloomly doesn’t measure RPMs (it is a page revenue metric, not a visitor revenue metric).

With Bloomly, we’ll always help you make more money per visitor (and per month) rather than trying to optimize for an advertiser metric like CPMs or RPMs.